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Edito - Re-invent proximity

In partnership with the City of Paris, the Paris Zero Carbon Forum is an event that brings together all of the city's stakeholders: Energy, Mobility, Industry, Transport, Real Estate, Digital, Agriculture, Logistics ... all committed to a common goal: initiate active measures to achieve carbon neutrality in 2050. Experts, economists, climatologists, and companies will discuss concrete means of achieving this, means necessarily impacted by the Covid-19 crisis.

+ speakers coming soon

Opening-Dialogue: Cities in transition in a zero carbon world

Emmanuel GREGOIRE, First Deputy, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of urban planning, architecture, Grand Paris

Carlos MORENO, Researcher, University Professor, Director of the ETI chaire

Johanna ROLLAND, President of France Urbaine

Jean-Christophe TORTORA, Chairman and CEO of La Tribune

The urgency of action and cities as a solution

Christian ESTROSI, Mayor of Nice


Arnaud LEROY, Chairman and CEO of ADEME

Jean-Luc MOUDENC, Mayor of Toulouse

Johanna ROLLAND, President of France Urbaine

Philippe WAHL, Chairman and CEO of La Poste

Olivier WIGNIOLLE, CEO of Icade


Speakers coming soon

Faced with global warming, cities in search of energy autonomy

To achieve the objectives of Accord de Paris in terms of reducing GHG emissions, metropolitan areas can activate two levers: introduce the production of renewable energy to the heart of cities using new technologies and recover part of the energy. lost to reuse it, in particular by working on the circularity of the heat.


Antoine BRICHOT, CEO of Wind my roof Eolienne

Emmanuelle LEDOUX, CEO of l’Institut national de l’économie circulaire

Dan LERT, Deputy mayor of Paris in charge of the ecological transition of the water and energy climate plan

Nicolas MAYER ROSSIGNOL, President of Métropole Rouen Normandie, Mayor of Rouen


Speakers coming soon

Building a greentech ecosystem to accelerate the ecological transition

To accelerate the ecological transition, Bpifrance, which presents itself as the first public climate bank, wants to create “a greentech ecosystem in France comparable to what we have succeeded in doing with French Tech”; and support nearly 9,000 projects over the next four years. With this in mind, it plans to double its aid for innovation and its investments in venture capital in green tech, but also to invest 300 million euros more in private funds from the Paris market specializing in this. domain, such as the Demeter fund. Several manufacturers have also set up incubators and investment funds to support these start-ups in the service of ecological transition, like Air Liquide and EDF.

Paul-François FOURNIER, Executive director of Bpifrance

Quentin LAURENS, Qarnot computing

Sophie PATURLE-GUESNEROT, Manager of the Demeter fund, specializing in energy transition

Ondine SUAVET, CEO and co-founder of MyLight Systems


Speakers coming soon

Green finance, an essential lever to accelerate the decarbonisation of cities

Community decarbonisation and transition projects require substantial funding. Cities are therefore increasingly using green bonds, intended to finance exclusively projects with environmental benefits, as are the large companies with which they work. The market for these green bonds has exploded from $ 10 billion in 2013 to $ 200 billion in 2019. France is a world leader in this area. Other financial tools are being developed to support sustainable growth, such as green loans and impact credits.


Serge BAYARD, Director of Business and Regional Development at La Banque Postale, member of the Executive Committee

Vincent GAILLARD, Finance director, Société du Grand Paris

Lucie PINSON, Founder and CEO of the NGO Reclaim Finance

Paul SIMONDON, First deputy to the mayor of Paris in charge of green finance



Speakers coming soon

La Tribune/France Urbaine Cities Awards

Johanna ROLLAND, President of France Urbaine

Frédéric VAN HEEMS, CEO, Eau Veolia


Speakers coming soon

Program: The 13h O’clock

Barbara POMPILI, Minister of Ecological Transition

Johanna ROLLAND, President of France Urbaine


Speakers coming soon

The city of tomorrow: against mass mobility, imagine local mobility?

Has confinement stopped the process of demotorization of the French? What place for the automobile in the post-Covid city: shared and electrified, where the private car could remain the predominant model tomorrow? Under what conditions?


Guillaume CRUNELLE, Partner, Deloitte

Michael DELAFOSSE, Mayor of Montpellier

Mathieu FLONNEAU, Lecturer, Director of the AES Institute, President of the international association T2M, Traffic Transport and Mobility


Speakers coming soon


ISpeaker coming soon

The return of the private car?

Nicolas MEILHAN, Consultant France Stratégies

Patrick PELATA, Consultant, Former number 2 at Renault


Speakers coming soon


Speaker coming soon

Mobility as a service: the new rules of the game?

Mobility has undergone two revolutions in the space of a few months: the mobility orientation law which redefines the action perimeter of communities to organize their mobility scheme, but also the shock of confinement. Is MaaS still the answer to city congestion? What economic model?


Eric ALIX, Chairman and CEO of RATP Smart Systems

Pierre AUBOUIN, Director of the Infrastructure and Mobility Department at Banque des territoires

Maureen LE BAUD, Director of investment, Via ID


Speakers coming soon

Africa of cities: between deconcentration and decentralization

What climate-responsible strategy for the African cities of tomorrow?

In 2100, the continent will represent the equivalent of 40% of the world’s population with 4.4 billion people, the majority of whom are new city dwellers. Driven by demographic pressure that threatens metropolises with urban asphyxiation, Africa must rethink its development model because urban congestion costs the continent several hundred million dollars per year. From Accra, the Ghanaian capital of “Go slow” to Lagos, the city of the Nigerian Far West, via Nairobi which loses a billion dollars a year in traffic jams: the urban challenges are immense.

Africa sequence

Speakers coming soon

Closing session

Anne HIDALGO, Mayor of Paris


Speakers coming soon

Building cities in the face of climate change

Paris is in the process of drawing up a local bioclimatic urban plan, just as the other large cities are promoting resilience in the face of the successive crises that strike them.


Célia BLAUEL, Deputy Mayor of Paris in charge of the Seine, Paris 2030 Prospective and Resilience

Jean-Pierre LECOQ, Mayor of the 6th arrondissement of Paris


Pierre-Yves DULAC, Regional Delegate Ile-de-France, ENGIE


Speakers coming soon

Building renovation, national and local revival?

At the heart of the economic recovery plan, rehabilitation remains an ecological, economic and social response to the crisis. It creates local jobs that cannot be relocated, lowers bills and limits energy consumption.


Jacques BAUDRIER, Deputy mayor of Paris in charge of public construction, site monitoring, coordination of work in public space


Speakers coming soon

The need to choose bio-based and geosourced materials

Concrete is to buildings what diesel is to cars: a source of atmospheric pollution. It’s time to get out of it or green it and find virtuous alternatives.


Jacques BAUDRIER, Deputy mayor of Paris in charge of public construction, site monitoring, coordination of work in public space

Maud CAUBET, Architect

Nicolas PRUDHOMME, Director of Contracting Authority and Patrimonial Policies at Union sociale pour l’habitat


Speakers coming soon

Redesigning city centers and rethinking logistics in the age of e-commerce

Beyond confinement, city centers remain the first to suffer economic and social shocks. Should we add the billions like the government does or bring all the public and private actors around the table?


Anne-Marie IDRAC, Former minister, President of France Logistique

Marianne LOURADOUR, Regional Director Île-de-France, Banque des Territoires

Olivia POLSKI, Deputy mayor of Paris in charge of commerce, crafts, liberal professions and crafts and fashion


Speakers coming soon

Housing, offices: real estate in the era of teleworking and third places

Emmanuel DESMAIZIERES, CEO of Icade Promotion

Gabrielle HALPERN, Philosopher, author of “Tous centaures – Eloge de l’hybridation”

Catherine VAUTRIN, President of CU du Grand Reims, President of the committee “Aménagement urbain, logement et habitat indigne” de France urbaine


Speakers coming soon

A.I.: how to build a sustainable city using data?

Quentin BARENNE, Co-founder of Wintics

Jean-Philippe CLEMENT, Responsible for the approach and data solutions of the city of Paris


Speakers coming soon

Connected territories and cities: towards sustainable and ecological networks?

Are ecological and environmental imperatives reconcilable with the explosion of digital uses, favored by the growth of fiber, very high mobile speed and 5G?


Fabienne DULAC, Deputy CEO, Orange

Christian ESTROSI, LMayor of Nice

Antoine JOURDAIN, Technical director of Enedis

Sébastien SORIANO, President of ARCEP


Speakers coming soon

Short food circuits, for low-carbon and resilient cities

Praised during confinement, short circuits help reduce greenhouse gas emissions, strengthen the food sovereignty of the regions and improve the nutrition of their inhabitants. They also help to re-establish links between town and country, between townspeople, and to food education. But depending on the location, their implementation can be more or less complex. How to promote them?


Léa BARBIER, Co-founder of Kelbongoo

Yuna CHIFFOLEAU, Agricultural engineer, sociologist and research director at Institut national de la recherche agronomique (INRA)

Damien CONARÉ, General secretary of chaire Unesco Alimentations du monde à Montpellier SupAgro

Stéphane LAYANI, Chairman and CEO of SEMMARIS


Speakers coming soon

Cities at war with single-use plastic

The city of Paris is trying to eradicate single-use plastic in preparation for the 2024 Olympic Games. One of the means to achieve this would be the deployment of returnable packaging in out-of-home restaurants. However, it requires the establishment of local infrastructure (collection, washing etc.), possibly shared. Paris is working on it with several startups.


Emmanuel AUBERGER, Founder of Uzaje

Emmanuelle MARCOVITCH, Innovation and Development Manager, Eau de Paris


Speakers coming soon

Resource centers and recycling centers, for a local circular economy

Resource centers, local places for the collection, sorting, reuse and recycling of urban waste, play an important role not only in waste reduction, but also in civic education, the fight against exclusion, the creation of new links of area. However, they are struggling to establish themselves and find an economic model. How to allow them to swarm? What success stories?


Jean-Paul RAILLARD, President of Fédération Envie

Camille ROGNANT, Réseau francilien des acteurs du réemploi (Refer)

Elisa YAVCHITZ, CEO of Canaux


Speakers coming soon


Anne HIDALGO, Mayor of Paris

Jean-Christophe TORTORA, Chairman and CEO of La Tribune

“In restrospect” – If we were to redo the Accord de Paris today, what would we change?

Jean JOUZEL, climatologist

François-Henri PINAULT, CEO and Chairman Kering, on Fashion Pact

Nicola STURGEON, Scottish First Minister

State of play: action by cities, 5 years after COP21 – Part 1

Standing closest to citizens, associations and businesses, cities represent an essential step towards ecological transition.


Zoran JANKOVIC, Maire de Ljubljana

Anna KÖNING JERLMYR, Mayor of Stockholm, Sweden

Sadiq KHAN, Mayor of London, United Kingdom

Fernando MEDINA, Mayor of Lisbon, Portugal 

Frédéric VALLIER, Secretary General of CEMR 


Keynote – Climate Plans of Cities worldwide : Mark WATTS, Executive Director of C40

State of play: action by cities, 5 years after COP21 – Part 2

How cities organize themselves, help each other, cooperate and exchange good practices in local government networks?


Robert BEUGRÉ MAMBE, Governor of Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and General Secretary of AIMF

Mohamed BOUDRA, Mayor of Al Hoceima (Morocco) and President of UCLG

François REBSAMEN, Mayor of Dijon, France and President of CUF 

Eckart WÜRZNER, Mayor of Heidelberg, (Germany) and President of Energy Cities



Keynote : Jean JOUZEL, climatologist, member of the French Académie des sciences and Peace Nobel Prize in 2007 with IPCC, perspective on the need to establish bridges between high-level scientific research and climate change policies.

Urban solutions speeder

1rst part : Crisis-resistant city


Manuel ARAUJO, Mayor of Quelimane, (Mozambique)

Andy BURHNAM, Mayor of Greater Manchester (United-Kingdom)

Bruno COVAS, Mayor of Sao Paulo (TBC)

Lamia KAMAL-CHAOUI, Director of the OECD Centre for Entrepreneurship, SMEs, Regions and Cities

Giuseppe SALA, Mayor of Milan


Keynote : Jacques ATTALI on the resilience mechanisms of cities, states and economic players.

Urban solutions accelerators

2nd part: The Olympic and Paralympic Games: speeding up ecological transition of cities


Soham EL WARDINI, Mayor of Dakar

Tony ESTANGUET, President of the OCOG

Grégoire JUNOD, Mayor of Lausanne and President of the Union Mondiale des Villes Olympiques

Yuriko KOIKE, Governor of Tokyo

Local solutions 15-minute city

Kostas BAKOYANNIS, Mayor of Athens

Ada COLAU, Mayor of Barcelona

Horacio RODRIGUEZ LARRETA, Mayor of Buenos Aires

Martha THORNE, Executive Director of the Pritzker Architecture Prize

Elkin VELASQUEZ MONSALVE, Regional Director of UN-Habitat in Latin America and the Caribbean  


Keynote : Antha WILLIAMS shares with us the outcomes of a project conducted with Bloomberg Philanthropy to assess air quality near Parisian schools and announces a new participatory project.

Cooperation between territories

1rst part: Energy and agrifood transition


Dieudonné BANTSIMBA, Mayor of Brazzaville

Gentiny Ngobila MBAKA, Governor of Kinshasa

Valérie PLANTE, Mayor of Montréal


Keynote : Audrey AZOULAY, Director General of UNESCO on the importance of environmental education, especially for young people.

Cooperation between territories

2nd part : Biodiversity, forests and nature-based solutions


Sally CAPP, Mayor of Melbourne

Einat KALISCH-ROTEM, Mayor of Haïfa

Sami KANAAN, Mayor of Geneva

Manuel PULGAR VIDAL, Climate & Energy Global Practice Leader of WWF international


Keynote : Patricia GUALINGUA, KICHWA of SARAYAKU, from Ecuador talks about her advocacy work as an activist and elected eco-feminist fighting for the environmental rights of indigenous peoples.

Local governance, local policies for and with citizens

1rst part: Giving young people their say


Béatrice DOLORES, Mock COP26

Hilda FLAVIA NAKABUYE, Uganda, Fridays for Future

Jérémy KUMIELAN, member of the Parisian Youth Council

Chloé TEN BRINK, Youth and Environment Europe

Local governance, local policies for and with citizens

2nd part : Giving citizens the floor


Sylvain BURQUIER, Member of the French Convention Citoyenne

Sue PEACHEY, Member of Climate Assembly UK


Keynote : Corinne LEPAGE on the ongoing climate justice

The means for cities to implement these ambitious climate policies

1rst part: Cities leading the way of green finance innovations


Jean-Laurent BONNAFÉ – BNP Paribas

Jean-François FOUNTAINE, Maire de La Rochelle 

Claudia LOPEZ, Mayor of Bogota 

The means for cities to implement these ambitious climate policies

2nd part: What is the role of public donors and private sector in financing ecological transition within an unprecedented financial context?


Thierry DEAU, President of Méridiam

Cécile DUFLOT, Oxfam

Sameh NAGUIB WAHBA, World Bank – Global Director, Urban, Disaster Risk Management, Resilience and Land Global Practice

Changing the economy, changing cities

Marie-Ange DEBON, Keolis

Jean-Bernard LEVY – EDF

Stéphane RICHARD – Orange


Global governance: the place of cities in the negotiations

1rst part : European level, a vital prerequisite/ Green Pact for Europe


Pascal CANFIN, European Deputy

Peter KURZ, Mayor of Mannheim (Germany), Chair of Global Parliament of Mayors (GPM), initiator with ICLEI of the Mannheim message

Dario NARDELLA, Mayor of Florence and President of Eurocities

Rafał TRZASKOWSKI, Mayor of Warsaw

Laurence TUBIANA, CEO of the European Climate Foundation 


Keynote : Laurent FABIUS, Former President of COP21


Global governance: the place of cities in the negotiations

2nd part : Heading to COP26


Susan AITKEN, Leader of Glasgow City Council

Antonio COSTA, Prime Minister of Portugal

Frank COWNIE, Mayor of Des Moines (USA), President ICLEI

 Zoé LAVOCAT, Action Climat Network


Keynote : Jean-Yves LE DRIAN, Minister of Europe and Foreign Affairs

Closing ceremony

Eric GARCETTI, Mayor of Los Angeles and President of C40

Anne HIDALGO, Mayor of Paris

Emmanuel MACRON, President of the French Republic

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